August Kaiser
Schützenstraße 17

Stumbling block stories in Krefeld

Persecuted and disenfranchised as homosexuals

August Kaiser was born on 07.02.1889 in Dülken/Viersen. The engineer lived in Krefeld-Uerdingen from 1929-32 and 1936-41, lastly in Schützenstr. 17.
He was arrested on 20.11.1941 for violations of § 175 RStGB and, although he had no previous convictions, he was sentenced on 08.05.1943 by the Krefeld District Court to 3 years 6 months imprisonment + "emasculation". The fact that he was charged with 4 months in custody may mean that he confessed.
As he was classified as "not fit for bog" he was not sent to one of the "bog camps" in Emsland, but on 27.05.1942 to the Remscheid-Lüttringhausen prison. Here he was one of 25 "175s".
Registered as a "dangerous habitual criminal", he was forced to choose between "voluntary" castration and preventive detention following imprisonment. He was castrated on 23.06.1942.
He died on 24.01.1944. As reason the penitentiary "heart muscle weakness", the registry office Remscheid made out "high degree of general body weakness". If one of these descriptions is correct, it could have been a consequence of the castration. He was one of 111 prisoners in Remscheid-Lüttringhausen who died during his imprisonment.


Photo: Jürgen Wenke

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