Become a member of the Villa Merländer-Verein

And set an example against forgetting in Krefeld

As the Villa Merländer Association, we stand up against forgetting in Krefeld and against racism. With our commitment we support the so important work of the NS-Documentation Centre and lobby for its important issues. When you become a member of our association, you set an example: you are invited not only to make a financial contribution, but also to support us through voluntary work. In addition, you will receive our association newsletter twice a year, you can register for events at the villa and, if you wish, you will also be informed about the work of the association and activities by e-mail. 

Since moral support is also important to the association, the minimum contribution was set very low. It is 5 Euro per year and should not discourage anyone from becoming a member.

Request the membership form now!

You have two possibilities to join the Villa Merländer-Verein. Either fill out the online interest form and receive a declaration of membership for signing by mail or download our membership form and send it back to the Villa by mail. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you as a member of our association.

Villa Merländer e.V.

Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 42
47799 Krefeld