Welcome to the Villa Merländer

The home of the NS-Documentation Centre of the City of Krefeld and the Villa Merländer e.V.

Since 1991, Villa Merländer has been the official NS documentation centre of the city of Krefeld. Here the Nazi past of the city is not only traced, researched and written down, but also made traceable in a special way. It is a collection point for information about Jewish history, the Holocaust in Krefeld, all victims of National Socialist persecution, and at the same time an event room and educational facility for pupils, students and interested people from Krefeld and the surrounding area. In addition, the Villa Merländer is a contact point for Krefeld's residents in search of their own history. Since its foundation, the Förderverein Villa Merländer e.V. has been an indispensable support for the documentation centre. The association helps with events, supports the educational work to a high degree financially and is instrumental in the well-known project of the Stumbling Stones for Krefeld.

What is Villa Merländer? And for whom is it there?

As the NS documentation centre of the city of Krefeld and home of the Villa Merländer Association, the Villa Merländer has different tasks and equally diverse target groups. In a little less than 12 minutes, you can learn more about the history, tasks, target groups and the importance of the Villa Merländer's function here in sound and vision, and at the same time get to know some of the people who work here. Have fun!

The house of the silk manufacturer Richard Merländer

The Villa Merländer not only collects Krefeld's Jewish history, but is also located in a house steeped in history: Richard Merländer was a silk manufacturer and silk wholesaler in Krefeld. He was persecuted, disenfranchised and murdered by the National Socialists as Jewish. Today, the villa is home to the National Socialist documentation centre of the city of Krefeld. 

Educational work in the NS documentation centre in Krefeld

As a Nazi documentation centre in Krefeld, the Villa Merländer is a contact point for school classes, students and interested citizens from the surrounding area. Our permanent exhibition offers the opportunity to learn about the history of National Socialism in Krefeld, it shows tragic family stories in the Holocaust and provides information about the persecution of the Jews. We offer various guided tours and workshops for pupils and students. We maintain cooperation with various Krefeld schools and are also a contact point for educational work with adults. With the support of the Förderverein , a freelance team can be hired to help us with the so important work in the schools and thus create additional capacity for educational work.

The wall paintings of the painter Heinrich Campendonk in the Villa Merländer

Two large wall paintings by the painter Heinrich Campendonk in the Villa Merländer were rediscovered under old wallpaper in the villa in 1989. They were uncovered and restored and have been on display here ever since. The two paintings are the last Campendonk works still existing in the house, which were commissioned by Richard Merländer. 

We look forward to getting to know you!

Do you have questions about Villa Merländer, offers or dates? Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We will get back to you! 

Villa Merländer e.V.

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Wednesday 9 am to 1 pm (last admission 12 pm) Every fourth Sunday of the month According to agreement