Jacob Lücker

Jakob LückerPhiladelphiastrasse 128 Stumbling Stones Stories in Krefeld In the international fight against fascism Jakob Lücker came to Krefeld on 14.03.1912 as the son of the painter Jakob Johann Lücker and his wife Gertrud...

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Johannes Böckling

Johannes BöcklingStephanstraße 62 Stolperstein stories in Krefeld Resistance from Christian conviction Johannes Böckling was born on 18.06.1908 in Krefeld as the eldest son of Johannes and Adelheid Böckling. Johannes Böckling sen....

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Family Barsdorf - Grünberg

The Barsdorf family -GrünbergSüdwall 11 Stumbling Stone Stories in Krefeld A family torn between flight, deportation and murder The Jewish merchant Julius Jacob Barsdorf, born on 19.03.1845 in Neu-Brandenburg, came to Germany in 1872.

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Josefa Flock - Geldernsche Strasse 147
A stumbling block was laid in Krefeld for Josefa Flock, who was murdered by the National Socialists during the euthanasia programme.

Josefa Flock - Geldernsche Strasse 147

Josefa FlockGeldernsche Straße 147 Stolperstein-Geschichten in Krefeld Murdered within the framework of the euthanasia programmes Josefa Flock was born on 19.02.1920 as the daughter of the locomotive heater Jacob Flock and his wife Katharina née van...

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Carl Becker
Carl Becker after the end of the war (probably 1945)

Carl Becker

Carl BeckerDreikönigenstraße 29 Stolperstein stories in Krefeld As a homosexual persecuted Carl Becker was born on February 13, 1885 in Duisburg-Neumühl. With his wife Elisabeth he had a son, Karl-Heinz, in 1922. He...

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August Kaiser

August KaiserSchützenstraße 17 Stolperstein stories in Krefeld As a homosexual persecuted and disenfranchised August Kaiser was born on 07.02.1889 in Dülken/Viersen. The engineer lived in Krefeld-Uerdingen from 1929-32 and 1936-41, at last in...

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Invitation to stumble
What are stumbling blocks in Krefeld

Invitation to stumble

Invitation to lay stumbling blocks On Thursday, November 14 On Thursday, November 14, 2019 another 9 stumbling blocks will be laid in Krefeld at 6 locations. For each stone there will be a short description of the content...

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Workshop offers for schools
Workshops at the Villa Merländer

Workshop offers for schools

The Villa Merländer, as the Nazi documentation centre of the city of Krefeld, currently offers various free workshops for schools and educational institutions under the direction of Sandra Franz. Please contact us! Workshop:...

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Visit of the Hadamar Memorial
Krefeld visiting the Hadamar Memorial

Visit of the Hadamar Memorial

Visit to the Hadamar Memorial Site Excursion of the Villa Merländer Association Last weekend was the current board of directors of the Villa Merländer e.V. (with two exceptions) went on a visit to Hesse in the...

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