MEMOO Project

memorable places / memorable plaats

MEMOO is a joint project of the Museum Liberty Park in Overloon and the Nazi Documentation Centre of the City of Krefeld (Villa Merländer), which was successfully completed in 2013 and has been available to the public since then. It is a description of places in the border region between the Meuse and the Rhine that are linked to the events of the Nazi period and the Second World War. A selection of such places was examined, the history reconstructed, written down and told. The documentation is supplemented by up-to-date tips (opening hours, directions also for bikes and buses and trains, references to other places of interest). A special feature of the presentation are audio files, which can be copied free of charge to appropriate playback devices (mobile phones or other Mp3 players) and listened to on the spot as a local guide.

The detailed descriptions are written in such a way that they are understandable by listening as much as possible and are not an obstacle to the search for information. Some may be said differently or even more briefly by military historians, art scholars or theologians in their specialist language. The MEMOO texts, on the other hand, deliberately try to avoid unnecessary technical terms or unfamiliar foreign words.

The MEMOO project is sponsored by the Minister President of the State of NRW and supported by the NRW State Agency for Civic Education.